School Headmasters


Headmasters in the lens ...

Headmasters in the perspective of having fun ...


Headmaster for administrative and IT matters:                                  - mgr inż. Rafał Ratuszniak

School Headmaster:                                                                      - dr Aleksandra Malec

Headmaster for teaching and external exams:                                  - mgr Beata Kozaczka

Headmaster for the promotion and development of the School:          - mgr Karol Kasza



Nhe teacher is aware of his role in civil and information society and knows the importance of communicating well with the student

  • organizes and systematizes the student's knowledge
  • supports independent solutions to problems
  • selects the excess of available knowledge
  • knows the national and EU educational priorities
  • uses modern vocabulary
  • knows IT techniques and uses them in didactics
  • uses educational databases
  • is systematically acquainted with state and EU educational reports
  • knows key competences and teaches good communication


To get a distance and see the school in a different way, we encourage you to look from the perspective of new tasks and the purpose to serve, and not stuck in ossified structures.
We do not instill dead knowledge, but we give a certain style of thinking that will capture the essence of things.



Teachers in the humanities:

mgr Monika Walczak


I ‘m a dreamer and optimist. Teaching is my passion. I easily open young minds and create new unities.


 - polish




dr Aleksandra Malec


I’m a happy person, I love people and I feel forever young . I am a revelation of
my life and only true vision of my world.


- sociology



mgr Karol Kasza


Life is a challenge for me, a travel which helps to opens my ‘self’. I adore travelling and discovering the


- history

mgr Ewa Kluska - Jaśkowiak


I’m strong and confident. Students are the source of energy for me and this is them who fulfill my need to develop. I love talking to them, exchanging ideas and laughing with them.


- polish

Foreign language teachers:

dr Aleksandra Malec


I’m a happy person, I love people and I feel forever young . I am a revelation of
my life and only true vision of my world.


- german, English

mgr Będkowska Małgorzata


Nature is what I love but my passion is teaching. I have always wanted to share part of my life with young people. I think I’m really successful at this demanding job.


- german

lic. Barbara Wojdała


Smile and good word of welcoming can sometimes change your perspective. I try to begin every day with positive attitude to people and the world.


- english

mgr Jowita Warmuz


Life passionate, adventure crazy, great optimist and chocolate lover. I’m an absolute world conqueror.
Not afraid of challenges, I do anything you can think of …except for….cooking.


- english

Teachers of mathematics and natural sciences:

mgr Beata Kozaczka


Science predominates my life and is a real competence to every other passion, however….extreme
sports introduce in my life a lot of dynamics and have become a true challenge to my calm self.


- maths

mgr Małgorzata Soska


Dance is the rhythm of my heart, it is my passion. I love dancing because it gives me freedom and joy.
It is simple, plain and energetic. It helps me become more dynamic in my relation with young people and the demands of
every day life.


- biology

mgr inż. Rafał Ratuszniak


Handball passionate and unconquered, undiscovered mind. Although I ‘m sometimes mysterious I believe that everybody knows I don’t give up in chasing my dreams.


- information technology

mgr Agnieszka Walisko


I carefully watch the details of life and discover its beauty also through the lens of the camera. I promote kindness and empathy and follow the rule…react positively.


- physics

mgr inż. Dariusz Jopek


Nothing is so simple as it seems, but you can do anything you want and it is only a matter of time.


- information technology

mgr inż. Mirosława Zysek - Nabiałek


Unity with nature is a greater part of my life. I get my powers from this encounter although I’mpassionate about information technology.


- information technology

mgr Pająk Michał


I’m a really scientific mind contrasted with philosophical nature. I adore discovering new places , also as ametaphor of my life.


- chemistry

mgr Barbara Janc


Water is my element. I’m a keen swimmer and sailor. Teaching dominates all my life and I love it.


- physical Education

mgr Łukasz Kotarski


Heroes come and go but legends are forever. Coaching is what I do on regular basis at school. Serious as it may seem, it is simply the philosophy of my way of teaching and working with young people.


- physical Education

mgr Igor Zagała

Life saving and PE training are my major tasks. As a person I’m dynamic and energetic. I never give up in life challenges.


- physical Education

mgr Ewa Maciążek


Life is for me a land full of magical moments. I always seek for more and demand more from myself and others. I love Mazury Lake District, which is my place in the whole Universe.


- physical Education

Teachers of artistic subjects:


mgr Aleksandra Jabłońska


Music touches every part of my mind and my life. It surrounds me and I consist of the melody of single sounds of the day. I’m a professional musician and absolute passionate of music.


- music

mgr Magdalena Ryłek


I love creating, discovering and experiencing. What is past lives through today…this is what I strongly believe in, that is why I’m into ethnology so much. I teach the youngest children and I love their sincere feelings.


- art

Integrated learning:

mgr Justyna Konwa


A house in the mountains…and a great number of Beagle dogs…this is my dream. One of many. I have a lot of hobbies which allow me to spend time with my dog outside the city. I teach Sociology, which nowadays is very crucial in acquiring key competences.


 - primary education

mgr Anna Kula


Every human being you meet on your life path is both a lesson, an exam, or…..a reward. I challenge my life before it challenges me. I love myself and I adore my life.


- primary education

mgr Karolina Inerowicz


I’m a compound of contrasts, a passionate of life and a dreamer. I never judge people but think of things I can give them. Pedagogy, philosophy and psychology are rudiments of my life.


 - educationalist